Villarlong, an Occitan castle surrounded by vineyard

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 Let’s turn south-west for our second very private destination: the perfect location for an escapade for two or a family getaway. At the very heart of a gorgeous landscape of vineyards, spiked with cypress trees and framed by the gentle outline of hills encased in vast orchards. Located a few miles away from the famed mediaeval city of Carcassonne, in a gorgeous scenery bathed in golden light even in this late season. An intimate setting as well as a rare and precious address, to keep in trust as a treasured secret: the ideal destination to get away from the hassles and stress of modern daily life by enjoying a few days of serene hedonism as a privileged guest of the superb suites of Château de Villarlong. Whether you choose to enjoy the comfort of one of the luxury apartments (with private terrace and chimney), or to select the independent house or mas, with its private swimming pool, you will enjoy a perfect stay in the tasteful surroundings and calm of a charming family home full of joyful memories mixed with the state-of-the-art service of a castle-cum-hotel dedicated to the sole pleasure and exclusive pampering of its guests. A stunning infinity pool bordered by dry stone walls , on a large open terrace overlooking a scenery made of lavender fields and olive trees, a tennis court, a gorgeous courtyard allowing late, leisurely evenings even late into November, completed by an excellent restaurant opening on stunning gardens and fragrant herb plots: the charms and luxuries of this precious address are bound to offer you an enjoyable stay as well as enduring memories. Another ELSEWHERE where you will certainly wish to come back…as well as an AILLEURS signature address to share exclusively with some privileged few! 

Château de Villarlong - 11600 Villarzel-Cabardes - France -

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Close-by “must see” and recommended escapades :

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Carcassonne, of course… with its stunning mediaeval walls and towers, its history and unique charm, to experience at leisure by strolling around off-the-track alleyways and hidden backyards. Despite the countless souvenir shops and the rather overwhelming flows of fellow tourists… the enchantment remains untouched as soon as you get past the main trackways and choose to visit outside peak hours. Just let the stones whisper to your ear and imagination: they will tell you the sad yet beautiful story of the Viscounts of Trancavel and share the memories of the last Cathar believers. Do not hesitate to enter the famed Hôtel de la Cité (built in 1909 on the foundations of the bishop’s palace) and sip a glass of Cabardès. Although unfortunately taken over recently by an international luxury hotel group, the walls retain a subtle yet very vivid part of its old soul, if you take heed and stay open to the sheer romanticism of the place. You might choose to listen to “Carcassonne”, the eponymous album registered there by singer and musician Stephan Eicher in 1993. Or decide to, literally, travel back in time and settle for a while at the musical heart of Occitania’s 13th century aristocratic courts by listening to Jordi Savall’s rendition of the “fin’amor” songs of the troubadours. -