Les Domaines de Fontenille

Les Domaines de Fontenille were launched in 2015, in Lourmarin, at the very heart of Provence, with the opening of their first “luxury hotel as a family home”: .. An immediate success and the benchmark for all their achievements-to-come in the realm of “luxury boutique hotels with a soul”. Since then, Les Domaines de Fontenille have added several new exclusive addresses to their collection: West of Paris region (due to open in 2020), Marseillethe Landes coastMinorca  and a new hotel in Italy next year… 

The inspiration as well as the driving force at the origin of what is definitely a consistent (yet highly original) hotel concept and philosophy? Frédéric Biousse and Guillaume Foucher. Two passionate and visionary entrepreneurs – the former with a strong experience as private investor in the challenging – and exacting - world of luxury. The latter a renown gallerist specializing in modern and contemporary art. Together, they have conceived and realised much more than just another group of hotels: an original and unique brand and strategy, centred on the preservation of exceptional heritage estates as well as the promotion of ecology in a “global” and holistic approach. Encompassing all the rich nuances and subtle shades of centuries-old, locally born traditions and customs, styles, wellness, cuisine and wines. Keeping alive the beauty and past of each of their (re)-creations. Skilfully enhancing their very essence and soul. Redesigning mythical places such as the old, decayed (yet so popular) Richelieu in Marseille – gloriously reincarnated in Les Bords de Mer. Or the lovely Hortensias du Lac, in Hossegor – once a favourite address of mine in South-West France, enshrined between the ocean, the lake and the trademark pinewoods of the Landes region. No betrayal there, just respect, know-how, love and talent. The talent to awaken and sublimate the Sleeping Beauties of European heritage properties, while infusing them with the ultimate in terms of boutique hotel hospitality and services. As well as outstanding spas. 

The motto of our two Magicians of redefined Hospitality? To offer their guests a whole experience and holistic approach in the fine Art of Travelling. As crafted and understood in the 18thcentury by the noble “tourists” travelling Europe in an in-depth, initiatory discovery journey called The Grand Tour. By drawing on their living and travelling signature values: “simplicity and elegance”. And combining French Art-de-Vivre with timeless discoveries and experiences. A bet brilliantly held, without bluster or bling. Just as elegantly as it was set in the first place. Hats off, Messieurs! The spirit of the Grand Tour is back. 

les bords de mer, Marseillejpg