L'art de la Fugue, Brussels

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Destination: Belgium. Where romance and timeless charm subtly mingle under the vast, incredibly light sky of the nearby North Sea. Beautiful Brussels… Its breathtaking Grand-Place and Art Nouveau facades, picturesque alleyways and charming, hidden courtyards and arcades, where you can re-supply at leisure with loads of yummy, irresistible chocolate pralines and other sweet cramiques and craquelins. Its incredible museums, innovative art galleries, antique shops and bookstores, theatres and amazing designers… City of Art and History with a unique mix of folie douce, sweet creative madness and cultural originality, high-fledged gastronomy, mixing nostalgia with modernity in a unique, trademark atmosphere that makes for exceptional week-ends and gateways. Brussels is an inexhaustible source of wonders and discoveries, off the beaten paths and yet always attune with the changes of the world and the teachings of the past: baroque, surprising, fun- and life-loving, joyful, tremendously endearing. A “Grande Dame”, a true blue Lady with the endeavouring charm of a mischievous girl: utterly irresistible. So very Belgian. 

                   One of our favourite addresses in town is the charming L’Art de la FugueExquisitely furnished, mixing taste and refinement to create the perfect place-to-be for Brussels lovers and guests. An original and confidential B&B, full of vintage furniture and a sharp selection of beautiful antiques: a delightful home-away-from-home, providing the perfect setting to chill out while picking up creative inspiration and decoration ideas. Or rare and exotic items to bring back. Three rooms, or rather private apartments, staged in a tasteful theatrical decor to take you away along the unbeaten paths of fancied travels and discoveries: AILLEURS, elsewhere… Farinelli, a baroque Venetian dream dressed in red and gold, where you can imagine travelling on the Grand Canal in fantasy gilded gondola under the extravagant drapes of a carved wooden bed. Ghandi is the fantasy India of Kipling’s “Plain Tales from the Hills” and jewels-bedecked Maharajas… While Indochine evokes a colonial bungalow in South-East Asia, complete with a delightful collection of white-marble Buddhas and exotic wood panelling, period furniture and rare silks…

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L’Art de la Fugue - Rue de Suède 38 - 1060 Brussel - Belgium - www.lartdelafugue.com

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