The Lanesborough

A legendary hotel if there is any.

Just close your eyes for a second and imagine: Lady Mary Talbot has decided to leave Downton Abbey to spend a few days in London: You will necessarily see her in the hall or under the cream and clear blue panelling of the Restaurant Céleste. The timeless beauty of “England of old” with the discreetly enhanced modernity of an award-winning (and rightly so) spa. A star rated restaurant and a bar that, for a long time now, has earned its place and stripes in my very own personal guide of the best hotel bars around the world. An attentive and caring service. Definitely the ideal location, at the very heart of one of the most exclusive and vibrant neighbourhoods of London, for a short stay or to celebrate a particular event – a romantic getaway for example.

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 As always, such a level of excellence and high requirement level comes with a price – and a rather substantial one. So, don’t hesitate to browse and check the various special offers and other selected packages on the hotel (superb) website: it’s really worthwhile. Especially if you plan an off season stay. London is a city where very high prices remain the rule and where even the most decrepit guest-house, complete with a moody plumbing dating back to Queen Victoria’s heydays and a bare minimum in terms of basic comfort (even by UK standards), will quickly reach prohibitively high prices. But it is undeniable that, in the luxury hotel segment, if the Lanesborough doesn’t precisely qualify as the place I would select as a priority choice for any ultra-modern settings enthusiast or contemporary paintings die-hard fan, it certainly remains my all-time favourite. And no question about it. For its unique and timeless classicism, its charm, its unrivalled atmosphere and plush comfort. I always feel like I am about to sight Jeeves turning up down the hall. Or Lady Agatha Christie, sporting a dashing bell-like hat and a collar in silvery fox, on her way to have a tea with Hercule Poirot (who doesn’t like tea if I remember well…). The perfect place for sipping a gimlet while re-reading a Barbara Pym novel. And spend a very exclusive stay, stamped with the motto « luxury, calm, charm and voluptuous hedonism”. The quintessential attention to the niceties of life and savoir-vivre made in London. Sorry: Mayfair style, of course!

The Lanesborough:

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