Essence of Chi ELEMENTALS : the perfumed Harmony of your Inner Self

The first fragrance based on the Chinese Theory of Five Elements. Or when age-old tradition and wisdom meets the quintessential essence of timeless Haute Perfumery.

The Chinese Year of the Pig has begun … an auspicious omen for AILLEURS and an ideal occasion to introduce our readers to a very exclusive and highly original brand of “niche” perfumes that had us enthralled when we discovered them some time ago. 

                   « I wanted to find a way to recreate scents for my clients that would resonate with the elemental composition in their lives, in order to better support them”, explains Essence of Chi’s founder Deana Wyland-Fries. A renown Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology (or BaZi) Master, she launched her exclusive fragrance line in 2012, in collaboration with Sylvain Faure, a Grasse-based expert perfumer and “nose”. The ELEMENTALS line was launched in 2014: “Essence of Chi is the world’s first perfume that is created especially for you, your home or your business, based on your Chinese Horoscope”. 


« Find your true Essence!”


Essence of Chi’s Elementalscombine the world of Haute Perfumery with the ancient Theory of Five Elements, fundamental to Feng Shui and BaZi, and Aromatherapy. Each Elemental takes into consideration the balance of Yin and Yang as well as the celestial, physical and emotional attributes of each element. They exist in five versions, one for each Element: Water (with aromatic-aquatic base notes), Earth (woody oriental), Fire (woody-aromatic), Wood (woody-aromatic) and Metal (oriental-flowery).Using only the finest rare woods, florals, herbs and spices to create an exquisite perfume that evokes a physical reaction and envelopes the individual in an immediate sense of well-being. Each Elemental is hand-made in Grasse, France, and contains up to 25% natural essential oils that have been blended with organic beetroot alcohol, keeping chemistry to a minimum in order to deliver a superior and sustainable product. And to ensure that its energy is as pure as possible. 

 If you aren’t certain about your own personal Element, or the Element influencing your life and health according to the principles of BaZi, I would suggest you directly contact Deana, who will determine your supporting Elements. 

Essence of Chi ELEMENTALS are available at some carefully hand-picked perfumeries as @laplaceartparfum, @la_place_II or directly at Link:

Should you wish to develop the ELEMENTALS experience at a highly personal level: Essence of Chi’s bespoke fragrances are for you…

In addition to the ELEMENTALS line, you can also choose to have your own, bespoke fragrance made-to-order just for you: “Once I have determined my client’s supporting elements, I will pull out my bottles and the essential oils and start creating the base formula for the scent. I send my formula to Sylvain, we discuss it, he makes it, adjusts it and fine-tunes it until it is perfect! Once the perfume is created, it needs time to mature before it can be bottled and shipped to the client. All in all, the process takes approximately six weeks.” To reflect this uniqueness, Deana and Sylvain have created a bottle that is a work of art and a masterpiece of Feng Shui rolled into one. It was designed especially for Essence of Chi by designer Pia Wüstenbergand each numbered bottle has been handcrafted by some of the most talented artisans in Europe. A bespoke service and creation which certainly comes with a price, but an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime discovery you might wish to pamper yourself with. Knowing that only 300 scent are developed every year, prepare to be patient: there is a waiting list…But your patience will be more than rewarded when you receive your own, personal and unique Essence of Chi perfume. More than only a High Perfumery fragrance, which it definitely is, it is a fragrant and harmonizing Philosophy of Life. In a precious bottle.

It can be created to special order for individuals and corporations alike. 

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The Theory of Five Elements


The Theory of Five Elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal - is fundamental to Traditional Chinese medicine as well as to Feng Shui and BaZi. Each direction of the compass is represented by an element, as is each organ in the human body and the emotions that affect that organ. When imbalances in an element appear, we become uncomfortable, stressed, and lack the inner harmony to cope with the challenges our daily life imposes upon us.

Everyone is born with an element that governs his/her life. The author of those lines was born under the aegis of the Element Wood… certainly a precious help for a writer, as Wood is supposed to nurture creativity and imagination. But I still must ask Deana to study my Chinese Horoscope, as the Elements ruling one’s life can be rather less evident and require a personalized astrological study… I’ll keep you posted!


Essence of Chi ELEMENTALS

The five ELEMENTALS by Essence of Chi are hand-crafted luxurious blends of rare florals, woods, herbs and spices. One fragrance for each of the traditional Chinese Horoscope Elements, meant for men and women alike:

 ELEMENTALS – WATER Essence of Chi: the source of life, gentle, yielding, yet powerful. A vibrant creation based on essentially aromatic-aquatic accords, reminiscent of the Ocean, fragrantly fluid, yet intense with tangy, salty notes laced with the flowing fire of black pepper.

Top Notes: Black Pepper, Juniper, Black Current

Heart Notes: Lavender, Clary Sage, Violet

Base Notes: Ambre Gris, Seaweed




ELEMENTALS – WOOD Essence of Chi: Woody-aromatic. The rising energy of Spring and of the East, of a forest redolent with the essences of rare and precious woods and flowers. The sunny sparkles of citruses highlight the deep, balmy wooden notes for an intoxicating blend of sensuality and serenity. A calming yet powerfully mind-cleansing perfume.

Top Notes: Lemon, Grapefruit, Cedar

Heart Notes: Bamboo, Fougère, Cabreuva

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Gaiac Wood




ELEMENTALS – FIRE Essence of Chi: Fire, the paramount Yang energy, brightly burning in intense woody-aromatic accords. Power and passion: sensual and mesmerizing, bold and intense, an irresistible elixir that draws people in as you walk past.

A bonfire of spicy sensations and energies.

Top Notes: Red Cedar, Cinnamon, Bitter Orange, Ginger

Heart Notes: Rose Otto, Geranium, Red Currant, Neroli

Base Notes: Cashmere Wood, Red Pepper, Moroccan Rose




ELEMENTALS – EARTH Essence of Chi: The most complex and subtle Elemental Essence, as it contains all the others. Its woody-oriental accords evoke tropical flowers after a storm, mixed with the fragrance of deep, rich earth and new grass and the underlying yet very present scents of rare, precious woods. Its refreshing notes speak of a clear, almost crispy spring dawn in the mythical landscapes of South China, when the air itself seems to be heavy with rain and laced with grassy, balmy scents. 

Top Notes: Acanthus, Chamomile, Immortelle

Heart Notes: Mimosa, Broom, Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: Ambre Gris, Gaiac Wood, Olibanum, Silver Birch




 ELEMENTALS – METAL Essence of Chi: Oriental-flowery accords for a fragrance oozing with the sense of power, leadership and introspection. The unique mix of flowers and spices leaves a distinctly metallic yet herbal trail on the skin. Elusive yet present, subtle yet powerful, like an aura of self-confidence and inner-strength, the sharpness of a steel blade dipped into spicy essential oils and oriental flower essences.

Top Notes: Coriander, Cardamom, Fennel, Birch Tar

Heart Notes: Casablanca Lily, Tuberose, Jasmine

Base Notes: White Musk, Silver Birch




Deana Wyland-Fries

A certified Chue Style Feng Shui and BaZi (Chinese Horoscope) Master, Consultant, Healer and Teacher, with a host of international clients – both individual and corporate, Deana Wyland-Frieshas been balancing her life as a mother, entrepreneur, consultant, teacher and emotional speaker for over 15 years. She opened the first school of Feng Shui in the Middle East in 2008 and launched Essence of Chi Elementals in 2014, in collaboration with French perfumer and “nose” Sylvain Faure.