La Bouche Rouge* : Maison de Maquillage*. Paris

The name says it all, no surprise there: a sumptuous “rouge”, a magnificent state of the art lipstick created according to time-honoured knowhow… this is exactly what it is all about!

Rouge LBR2 copie.jpg

But not only … and not exclusively that either. Because it’s much, much more: “The New Revolutionary French Lipstick”, no less. La Bouche Rouge says it clearly! thus asserting itself as one of the most promising newcomers on the market of high-fledged, luxury cosmetics. By mixing “tailor made” lipsticks, with the perfect fit and shine, with “haute maroquinerie” leather cases handmade in the purest artisanal French “sellier stitched” tradition. Refillable. Sustainable. And utterly devoid of controversial ingredients such as allergens but also endocrine disruptors, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyoxymethylene… or even perfume. Manufactured exclusively in France, with the deepest love and respect for traditional artisanal expertise. 

                             The brand’s motto? “French. Clean. Pure”. And, I would add: superb. Because Red is the colour of Desire. Of Passion. And Energy. Because every woman has “her” very own Red, unique, tailor-made for her within the exclusive 3.0 Atelier of Colours. With made-to-measure formula. Numbered. And available all over the world. To sum it up in a (red) nutshell: a luxury brand and house perfectly fitting our own bill of expectations and prerequisite. Holistic. Luxurious. Unique. Beautiful. And proudly environmentally friendly.

*”Red Lips” or “The Red Mouth”… and true to its motto, too. Not a promise: an act of sheer beauty.

*Make Up house or House of Make Up… or rather, in that case: The House of Lipstick!

Rouge LBR1.jpg