When the glove is adorned ...

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Subtle alchemist, with codes and materials as his playground, Tilman Grawe presents a line of accessories in perfect harmony with the timeless and futuristic cuts of his clothes. Sublimating the woman, in all her shapes and incarnations, fragile and strong as his creations, mixing leather and metal, crystal and feathers, vaporous silk and buffalo horn ... The quintessence of this designer’s clearly distinguishable: a collection of exceptional gloves. Zany. Superb. Enticing. Inimitable. Leather wear par excellence, they glide sensually on bare skin to sublimate, magnify, subtly eroticise it with the silky softness of an exceptional leather, worked in traditional fashion. Items of fashion and objects of adornment, they transcend their primary function to return to the sources of inspiration of the fashion designer: objects of infinite luxury and unsettling beauty, unique and precious items intended to magnify by concealing. Disconcerting evocation of Cordova leather underlined with gold from the princes and princesses of the Renaissance, like long black or red silk cases of the ‘Grandes Horizontales’ of the Belle Époque. For there is pain and sex lined in a sublime and delicate weave of steel in the silky chiffon and sumptuous skins of these objects of fashion and desire. 

To see more about Tilmann Grawe or order accessories: http://www.tilmanngrawe.com

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