About ailleurs

Notre philosophie…

AILLEURS… Nous avons longtemps cherché. Essayé. Testé. D’autres noms, d’autres évocations. Joué avec des concepts dont nous espérions qu’ils sauraient retranscrire au mieux ce que nous faisons, ce vers quoi nous avons envie de vous entraîner, si vous choisissez de vous embarquer avec nous. Mais finalement, toujours, nous revenions vers ce mot et ce qu’il évoque, ce qu’il nous inspire aussi : AILLEURS. Pas ici, maintenant, au mitan précis de nos vies quotidiennes et de notre routine, mais vers ce qui nous donne envie de créer, de partir… De faire connaître et découvrir. Ce qui nous fait rêver. Nos découvertes et nos coups de cœur. Les gens, les lieux, les goûts, les parfums…

Quoi ? Un autre site de voyages et art de vivre ? Encore un ? Oui… et non.

Non, parce que nous ne vous proposerons jamais de conseils pratiques, itinéraires, guide tout terrain pour planifier vos vacances. D’autres le font très bien… et ce n’est pas notre envie. Mais nous ne résisterons pas à vous raconter nos périples en détail lorsqu’ils sont drôles et font un article que nous avons envie de lire. Et de partager. Non encore parce que nous ne faisons et ferons jamais de palmarès, comparaisons et notations d’hôtels et de restaurants : nous avons délibérément choisi d’être parfaitement subjectives et en prime, de le revendiquer ! Nous ne parlons que de ce que nous aimons, de ce qui nous plaît, nous interpelle, nous fait rêver.

Mais OUI, et encore OUI car nous ne vous parlons que d’endroits où nous sommes allées… mais seulement s’ils sortent de l’ordinaire, De restaurants où nous avons mangé… mais uniquement parce nous les avons trouvés remarquables. Nous ne publions que des interviews de gens qui nous ont passionnées et dont nous savons que vous aimerez les lire à votre tour. Et nous ne manquerons pas non plus d’égratigner, lorsque c’est mérité, ce qui ne nous a pas plus lors de ces découvertes à plus ou moins long cours.

Bref : nous vous embarquons avec nous, vers des destinations proches ou lointaines mais toujours extraordinaires. Des rencontres avec des gens qui nous ont donné envie de vous parler d’eux. Des découvertes gastronomiques, artistiques, mais aussi des produits, des goûts et des senteurs d’exception s’ils nous ont séduites et s’inscrivent dans notre univers. Et on vous explique pourquoi. Toujours. Nous ne faisons pas de publicité, nous testons, aimons, ou non, et vous en parlons. Bien plus qu’un blog : un NEWS MAGAZINE hors normes et hors des sentiers battus, dédié au LUXE, au BIEN-ÊTRE, à la BEAUTÉ sous toutes ses formes, à l’ART DE VIVRE, à la CULTURE… Un savoir-vivre et un savoir-voyager que nous développons toutes deux depuis longtemps au travers de nos pérégrinations, de nos réalisations et de nos créations. Toutes les photos sont les nôtres ou celles d’artistes invités, sauf cas très exceptionnels que nous vous signalerons. Tous nos choix et nos coups de cœurs (ou de gueule…) sont les nôtres aussi, entièrement.. Certains articles sont déclinés en version papier dans d’autres médias, d’autres sont devenus des livres : nous aimons croiser les chemins et les canaux, et nous faire passeuses d’envies et de passions. Suivez-nous : l’embarquement pour AILLEURS est immédiat…

Our Philosophy

AILLEURS… Elsewhere. We have thought about it for a long time. Tried other titles. Tested other ideas. Other names. Other references. Played with other concepts. Always aiming at transcribing as accurately as possible our work and vision of what lifestyle and travels mean for us. What we would like you to feel inspired by and interested about as well. To make you want to come aboard with us and embark in our company. Towards near or distant, local or exotic shores. But at the end of the day, we kept on coming back to it: AILLEURS. The epitome of what inspires us. For what it suggests and what it evokes. For the way it motivates us. Not here and now, at the midpoint of our daily lives and routines, but looking ahead, around, everywhere. Towards what makes us want to create and share. The need to keep moving on, as well. The Spirit of Travel. Of discovering. Of questioning, always. Of admiring. And appreciate. The stuff that dreams and dreamers are made of… Come with us, let us talk to you about our coups-de-coeur. The places. The people. The likes and dislikes (rarely…). The flavours. The colours. The perfumes. The arts. Elsewise, elsewhere. 

 What? Just another lifestyle-cum-travel website? Yes… and no. No, because we will never provide you with practical tips and advice, suggested itineraries, off-road tour guides and accommodation lists or rankings to help you plan your next holidays. Others do that very well and have done it for ages… This is neither our calling nor our wish and aim. Of course, we won’t resist the urge and pleasure to narrate our adventures in some detail if we think them worthy of your attention. And likely to make you smile. Especially if it provides us with the material of a good, enjoyable article we ourselves would have liked to read!

 But YES and YES again, as we will only write and photograph places we travelled to, stayed in and, by and large, genuinely liked, loved and approved of. Provided they are special. And always help us escape from the ordinary. The restaurants we mention are all belles tableswe have tried… and which succeeded in wowing us. Which met – well, no: exceeded - our expectations as well as the reputation they live by. We are well-seasoned gourmets… and we are difficult! But fair. 

 We only publish portraits of, and interviews with, people who aren’t only passionate about their work and art but who inspired us or made us fall for their sheer talent and personality. And whom we are absolutely certain you, in turn, will feel interested in, moved by or curious about. 

 In a nutshell: let us take you along with us aboard AILLEURS, for short or long-term discovery travels. With that single but imperative prerequisite: they HAVE to be out of the ordinary.

 LUXURY? Meaning yet again perfect glamorous pics showcasing unaffordable places and accessories, with a hollow text and non-existent content, complete with glowing over-the-top laudatory comments and an editorial line constantly flirting with the limits between tacky and insufferably snobbish? Promise… We assure you this is NOT our definition of luxury. No more than it is yours. This kind of empty, gilded foam used by way of editorial glaze in so many magazines belongs to the realm of paid product placement and branding. Marketing. Advertisement., Definitely not our choice and taste. We don’t like to read covert advertisements camouflaged or posing as real articles: we certainly won’t suggest them to you! For us, and we know you fully subscribe to the same view, the only real, genuine, true luxury is a vital commodity, an essential frivolity that helps making life more tolerable. Oscar Wilde would have approved, we hope…It is a need and a must in today’s world. It means sharing a split second of sheer serenity, for example, such as the one captured by the eye and lens of a legendary photograph. The skill of an exceptional craftsman or woman. Handed over from the past to new generations and times. The luxury to take the time to do things. To hunt off beaten tracks for the extraordinary. The luxury to dream. Imagine. To meet other dreamers. Share the preciously kept addresses of places we love. Because they are small oases of happiness and beauty we would like to selfishly keep for ourselves. And some happy few. The luxury to meet women and men of talent, remarkable personalities, rare know-how, inspirational views. To publish interviews standing apart by their unique tone and singularity. An entry gate to AILLEURS-ELSEWHERE: other flavours, other themes, other tastes, fragrances and horizons. Far, very far away from chain-manufactured ideas, opinions and products, set along the same formatted frames, copy-pasted by the tens of thousands over all media channels, heavily sponsored, like an overwhelming, ready-to-think, invasive wave of paid advertisement aimed at convincing us to spend money on things we would never have chosen out of our own free-will. A contemporary nightmare enhanced to the level of hardly avoidable marketing dictatorship in our daily lives and days. It’s time to resist and choose freely…

 Because LUXURY means both FREEDOM and resisting everything that mugs, undermines and tackles us on a daily basis, whishing us no good whatsoever, and certainly not the opportunity to make our own free choices, take our own decisions, follow our own tastes, buy, travel and live the way we want and like. It is, in the same time, a pleasure and a challenge, tearing down the walls and following one’s own wishes, making one’s own discoveries and experiments. With BEAUTY as a corollary. The beauty of the matt golden patina illuminating an antique alabaster statue in a Burmese temple, or of a simple, sudden burst of laughter echoing the song of the waves on the edge of the ocean on a clear early morning spent collecting pictures and impressions for an article on Brittany. The fragile beauty of a bunch of wild flowers picked on the path leading to some tiny alpine village. Or the infinite softness of a leather beautifully hand-tooled, following three centuries old traditions, into a pair of unique gloves, dashingly modern yet insolently timeless, designed by an inspired artist. WELL-BEING: these grace-filled moments, bubbles of serenity so vital and so precious in our growingly interconnected, hectic, stressful lives. Day after day. To help us create – or re-create – another Way of Living. Another Savoir Vivre. A real ART OF LIVING. This is what LIFESTYLE is all about, in our opinion. 

 And, last but not least: CULTURE. CULTURES really. Diverse, colourful, ageless, avant-garde. Because they connect and bond all the other ingredients of our very own magic potion transmuted into an E-Magazine and BLOG: Beauty, Luxury, Distinctiveness, Questioning, Encounters, Openings, Discoveries…For in a travel, the first step is always the essential one. It will never bring you back to the start… but open the way to all sorts of possible. There’s no coming back: only new horizons.

We would like to share our very personal art of living and travelling… an art we have developed and keep honing over the years, through our journeys, our personal development and experiments, our creations and projects. 

All the texts and photos – and their rights - published on AILLEURS the Blog are ours. With a few notable and rare exceptions that are mentioned explicitly, with due credits to their author(s). We sometime choose to invite other artist/writers/photographs and publish their work, always with their authorization and in close collaboration with us. All our choices and selections as well as our crushes and coups-de-coeur (or coup-de-gueule… very personal outbursts we find justified!) are all ours. Some articles come up in paper format in other newspapers and magazines, others have been developed or printed into books: we like to mix and intermingle the paths and the roads, the different channels and supports. To be brokers and purveyors of new trends and ideas, suppliers of dreams, desires and passions. 

Follow us and stand by for immediate boarding: AILLEURS-ELSEWHERE is HERE and NOW! Bon voyage…